Boat, Motorcycle, & RV Loans

Whether you call them "Big Toys" or "Your Reason for Existing", CINCO is the place to finance your fun.

We have a huge range of financial solutions to get you in the saddle (or at the helm or behind the wheel) at the lowest possible rate. From personal loans for ATVs and dirtbikes to motorcycle loans, boat loans, tractor loans, and even Home Equity loans for large RVs and boats, we have far more financing options than any dealer, all at low CINCO rates.

Get Preapproved

When you're in the market for your next motorized fun factory, make sure you stop by CINCO and get preapproved first. With the financing already set up, it's like having the cash in your pocket. You can negotiate the best possible deal, confident in the knowledge that you've got the best possible rate.

Refinancing - It's Never Too Late

You financed somewhere else? Say it ain't so!

But it's not too late to get a great CINCO rate! Just bring your loan to CINCO and ask about refinancing. If you got stuck with a high rate through a dealer or finance company, we can usually lower your payments and save you a lot of money.

RV / Boat / Motorcycle Loan Rates (Effective Sep 30, 2017)

RV / Boat / Motorcycle LoanTermRate
RV/Boat/Cycle New0 to 60 Monthsas low as 4.15%
RV/Boat/Cycle Used0 to 60 Monthsas low as 4.65%
RV/Boat/Cycle Used61 to 84 Monthsas low as 5.65%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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