Fast, Easy, Free.
Why Not Save a Tree?

eStatements are online versions of your paper statements. You can view your eStatements online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To sign up for eStatements, please contact 513.281.9988 or toll-free (outside the Cincinnati area) 800.252.4626. 

  • GREEN Get rid of that extra piece of mail each month and save a tree or two.
  • EASY Access your eStatements directly through PC Teller with just a few clicks.
  • FAST Since there's no wait for printing and mailing, you'll have access to your eStatements days earlier than paper statements.
  • ACCESS eStatements give you access up to a one calendar year's worth of statements.
  • SAFE Paper statements are only as secure as the post office and your mailbox.
  • SAVINGS Remember, you're an owner of the credit union. Paper statements are an added expense for you and all members. eStatements allow the credit union to return more money to members in the form of more services, better rates, and lower fees.

Beginning February 29, 2016, a $5 monthly paper statement fee will be charged to those members who do not have e-statements. To avoid this fee, sign up for e-statements today!

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