Student Loans

Many families struggle to pay for education expenses and have limited knowledge of their financing options. CINCO Family Financial Center Credit Union can help by providing the SMART OPTION STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM underwritten by Sallie Mae. 

How does it work? 
First it is always important to get FREE money and CHEAP money when paying for college expenses. FREE money comes in the form of grants and scholarships. You would be amazed how much money goes uncollected because students do not take the time to apply for the many scholarships that are out there. 

Next, use CHEAP money which comes in the form of federal student loans. After FREE and CHEAP then look to CINCO for a high quality,affordable college student loans which gives you options and choices best suited for you! 

Here are just a few of the many benefits :

  • Competitive Interest Rates - No Origination Fees 
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Loans Available 
  • Variable and Fixed Interest Rates
  • No Early Payoff Penalty 
  • Flexible Amounts 
  • 24/7 Management 
  • Rewards for Paying on Time 
  • Death and Disability Provision 

For more information and to apply on line, log on to

Existing Student Choice Borrowers should visit to request additional funds.

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